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Player Information
Player name: Mindy
Contact: [plurk.com profile] artoni or via journal PM, please!
Are you over 18: Yep!
Characters in The Box Already: N/A

Character Information
Character Name: Snare
Canon: Star Wars: The Old Republic
Canon Point: Just after completing Act I - having converted a Jedi Padawan to the Dark Side, he's achieved the rank of 'Sith Lord' and has been given a license to party bit of a breather by his master, Darth Baras.
Is your character Dead, Undead or Alive: Alive. Somehow.
History: Canon AU? Snare is the Sith Warrior from the SW:TOR video game, adapted and fleshed out in to a full character. I have written a personal history for him up to the beginning of the game; otherwise, there is a summary of the storyline here.

The way SW:TOR is set up is to grant its players a degree character control that isn't just limited to 'good' or 'bad'; you can make Light side decisions, you can make Dark. Choices have consequences, and ones you make early on can and will have effects later down the line..

Snare's choices have ultimately been selfish, made to make others' lives harder, or just because they seemed entertaining at the time. Being sent to kill a the son of a Sith Lord, for example, and being bribed in to sparing said son and going to kill the Sith Lord instead, and then coming back to seduce the wife and drag his Twi'lek companion along for a threesome...off-camera it may have been, but the choices were there and made. As was sparing a set of Jedi who had laid a trap for him because they had committed Dark acts during, and Snare knew they would have their lives tainted forever by what they had done. (Another life spared was because they had been useful in the past, and could continue to be useful in the future...)

Snare may have made one or two decisions that were considered 'Light', but they were made ultimately for his own gain and profit. He has never made a selfless decision, not even for his companions; it may have been made with the intent of entertaining them so that they would be endeared to him, but that is still a 'gain'.

Choices of note-
---Spared Tremel's life
---Assisted his fellow students at the academy
---Removed Vette's collar at the first opportunity
---Killed Rylon's son
---Killed Master Yonloch
---Spared Jaesa's parents
---Spared Jedi assassins
---Happily tortured Nomen Karr

Personality: Most people, upon meeting Snare for the very first time, would consider him an egocentric, hedonistic sadist of a Sith Lord.

And quite honestly, they wouldn't be far off.

Snare, you see, has very, very little concern for strangers. They're tools and toys to him; things to be used, played with, and discarded. If they're in his way, they're obstacles, challenges at most - if not, well, they could be aids or playthings. Either way, they are not people. And he has no empathy to spare for them, whatsoever.

He really doesn't have much empathy at all, to be fair. Much of what he displays is faked, false, meant to manipulate others in to doing what he wants. And really, at heart, he's lazy; he'd rather manipulate something or someone rather than outright kill them...especially if it nets him more than killing them would. But don't be fooled - Snare enjoys causing others pain and making them wish he had killed him. Games, you see - it's all in the reactions strangers give him.

Mainly because he gets bored otherwise. And a bored Snare can very easily be a dangerous Snare, looking for something to entertain him - be it the screams from pain and suffering, or...well. Let's simply say that he has nothing whatsoever against taking someone aside and pinning them against the wall with an entirely different intent. (We did mention hedonistic, remember. I'd like to note that this part of him won't be forced upon ANY player, but it's still a part of his character and thus worth mentioning.) But either has only so much appear above the other - it's very possible for something Snare found enchanting a moment ago to suddenly turn boring, and for him to turn completely around in mannerism so he can get a different reaction.

Remember: most people aren't people. He doesn't care, nor does he want to. It's a psychosis of a sort - one he is utterly unwilling to care about. Whether he acknowledges it at all is hard to tell, but it's clear that he simply. Doesn't. Care.

However, if you manage to stay alive around Snare for more than a few hours, and/or if he takes a liking to the sort of entertainment you offer...suddenly, you are people. Or what serves as such in his mind. And when you do become people - Snare won't exactly care or be concerned about your well-being (above you staying alive and in relatively good shape), but he will take care of you. He is fiercely protective of those he consider 'his', and why wouldn't he? They're his toys. His tools. And if he doesn't take care of them, and make sure they stay in one condition...well, with the kind of rough play he's apt to do (by which we mean 'actual duties'), they wouldn't last very long.

But he'll certainly continue playing with them. Teasing them. Manipulating them. It's simply that he'll actually pay attention to their reactions, rather than just treating them as nothing more than sources of amusement - because they don't offer as much amusement if they want to leave, now, do they? So while he's not exactly comfortable playing the 'advisory' or 'comforter' or such roles - he can at least fake them well enough. Or figure out that he needs to get them to someone who /can/ play the role.

Now, with those whom he can't play with, for whatever reason or another - mostly, those with greater power he simply can't hope to match (at his current point) or those that said greater powers have marked as 'off limits' - Snare can behave. Mostly. He honestly doesn't mind having a superior, someone to guide him - though he doesn't see them as such. Sith don't have guides. Sith have a pecking order in power, and while Snare is certainly nothing shabby in terms of power, he knows he has a long way to go before he's considered powerful enough to be a 'Darth'. It is his ultimate goal, and he's perfectly willing to kill whoever he has to to get there...but until then?

He doesn't bootlick. But he does know how to bow his head and simply be useful, at least until he's ready to turn the tables. Perhaps a better way of describing it, though, would be that Snare has a talent for identifying the 'Alpha' of a situation - whether it be himself or someone else. And if he's not the Alpha...he's only got so much restraint from falling behind the one who is, if he deems them capable of bringing him up. Take his Master, Darth Baras - he may be a little bit sarcastic from time to time, but he's ultimately willing to serve him, especially when Baras offers him 'fun' opportunities - ex, turning a Padawan to the Dark Side, going on a spree of murdering, etcetcetc. Once in a while he may twist his missions - such as leaving his primary target alive because he was bribed in to doing so - but it is never outright defiance. That target was left alive because of a deal made that would make it seem as though he had completed his mission...and aside from about three people, none would ever know the difference. So what's the harm? He's not going to get in trouble, and everybody is happy.

Take a few other Darths - Snare has learned that if he sees their orders/missions as an opportunity for fun, more often than not, he'll be rewarded, and rewarded well. So there's really no reason for him not to be willing to follow orders, not when it nets him power and prestige. Now, to be fair, one has to be identified as an 'Alpha' or at least higher in the pecking order than Snare for him to be willing to take such orders without complaint, and for him to offer what serves as respect...and he may end up eventually seeing them as an obstacle to be overcome to increase his own power...but while Snare seems himself as subordinate? He's subordinate. He doesn't mind it overly much, unless you start crippling his idea of 'fun', and then you become less of a superior and more of an obstacle - a target to be removed as quickly as possible.

In short, though, Snare is a relatively simple person - childlike, even. One who never matured past a certain age, or at least never cared to. But he is a very dangerous child, and a very powerful one - strong in the Force, berserk in combat, bloodthirsty and ever hungry for the next distraction.

Something to note apart from all this, though, that is if Snare wasn't so strong in the Force - he'd actually be quite a terrible Sith. All of what has been said suggests that he only feels things so much, and in truth, that's entirely true. He can't always sustain emotion or passion for very long, and with Sith drawing their power from such...it's lucky for him that what he feels, he at least feels strongly for how long it lasts, and is able to draw upon that. Flashes of rage, of hatred, of all other sorts - while they may not last for overly long unless he forces himself to stoke them (unless you count warped amusement as an emotion, because boy, can he make /that/ last), the surges are often all he needs.

Items on your character at canon point: Snare will come in wearing some body armor, a few bits of jewelry on his face, a holo communicator and most likely NOT his lightsabers but let's explain them anyway in case he gets them at some point.

A lightsaber is the weapon for both Jedi and Sith; it consists of a hilt, in which a number of components work together to focus energy through a crystal and emit a colored beam that is not unlike the blade of a sword. A blade that can...cut through nearly anything, all told. (Except when you're playing a video game and can't decide to just cut through the door to the main boss. Sigh.)

I'M FINE WITH LIMITING THESE IF HE EVER GETS THEM BACK, FOR THE RECORD. While I would still like them to be able to cut through things like skin and bone and most armors with ease (or at least with enough force, able to do so, in the case of the latter), cutting through the barrier or other Certain Things would obviously be off-limits. He'll probably just find or make some swords to work with, as I imagine the necessary materials to build a new pair of lightsabers will be off limits.

Abilities, Strengths and Weaknesses: Right, so, Snare is a Sith Marauder from a MMO and let's just throw most of the MMO skills out the window and try and turn it all in to something that actually makes sense in an RP setting. (lvl 30 dps lfg!!!1one)

First and foremost, Snare is strong in the Force. His primary use of it is actually upon himself - his combat reflexes are far beyond any nonsensitive, his strength amplified to shatter concrete. He's strong, he's fast, he's agile, he's an absolute monster in a fight. You Do Not Want to get in his way because unless you have some way of defending yourself, you'll be cut apart, and even then...even outside of straight melee, he can throw himself/lunge across a room in a second, he can use telekinesis to choke someone or to blow up an explosive canister from across said room...

And even without the Force, Snare can fight. His style is with two lightsabers - weapons I've gone in to more detail in his inventory even if he most likely won't have them at the beginning of the game, but suffice it to say they're energy swords that can cut through almost anything - and he's the sort who will rush in to combat, roaring a challenge (through the Force, even, his scream sounding more like a lion than anything), swirling both blades around and just...going berserk. He feeds off the thrill, from attacking and even being attacked - everything just sort of blurs for him in a fight in to an incredible high.

And he loves every moment of it.

He's also shown some (limited) ESP, also tied to the Force; mostly an awareness if someone's entered a room and is about to try and stab him in the back. He's also displayed the ability to get a general sense of someone - sensing fear, anger, etc, which he can then try and goad out more in order to try and make them lose their focus. And realizing that an area/item itself is seeped in anger and fear? Certainly not out of the question. Essentially, he senses power most- and with his own power tied to such dark elements, is it out of the question that such is what he naturally focuses on?

That said...he only ever has so much focus of his own. His various psychosis leave him with a short attention span, and an over-inflated sense of confidence and ego. It goes without saying that Snare believes there is very little he cannot accomplish, whether on his own or with the assistance of a few others. And that he, well, outright charges in a leap before looking. His power has kept him alive so far; he has all the trust in it keeping him alive in the future, but sooner or later, something will give. He's been hurt, yes, he knows he's only mortal-

-it doesn't mater. Snare simply does not care at times, especially when he goes berserk. But if it's not enough...he has little to no focus on defense in combat, and if hit, can go down quickly. He's not quite a glass cannon, but he definitely relied on others to take the hits for him - or to simply defeat his enemies so quickly it didn't matter (or have someone like, say, Malavai, ready with kolto). So- he gets hit, he gets -hit-, and while he has run from battles before he doesn't particularly like to or think of it until the last few seconds.

(And considering he won't have his lightsabers? This should be a serious wake-up call for him, with him relying on them so much.)

Network/Action Spam Sample: will this work
if not will this
Prose Log Sample: It was an unfortunate rule of combat; someone got hurt. Though it was only unfortunate to Snare when that someone was him - as much as he liked to think otherwise, the fact was, he wasn't.

He was doing better than the other guy, at least. But at least the 'other guy' was little more than a smoldering corpse, and didn't have to put up with a medical droid that had been programmed with sadism. Snare swore it was intentional, how it jabbed him with the needle - both bacta and kolto were in short supply on this planet, and he had to make due with more basic repairs until he could get to a civilized world - and more than once had to resist the urge to turn around and crush it.

Mainly because that would have involved taking his eyes off the hologram of his Master, Darth Baras.

And Darth Baras was not happy.

Something about Snare having been meant to take the man alive, and really, Snare had tried. With a bit of help, he'd set up a trap, and been more than ready to beat the target in to unconsciousness and then bring him back to what served as 'base' here.

Only said target had a bit of backup.

And they all thought it smart to dress exactly the same away.

All right, all right, maybe he should have been paying more attention. He was sloppy. So what, he'd demanded, before pointing out that he'd still gotten the information that the target had - albeit by rifling through their computer systems, but that was still what they had wanted. But no, Baras had insisted on him being brought back alive, and really he was probably the one to blame for Snare's current 'nurse'.

The Sith fought back a wince at another jab. He'd bear the discomfort, for now. And the lecture. But it only reinforced his urge to see his Master, not far in the future, be reminded as to which one of them was stronger in the Force, and how years of training meant nothing when it came to sheer power...