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Snare, Sith Marauder ([personal profile] darktrollofthesith) wrote2012-06-16 08:55 pm

personality draft

Most people, upon meeting Snare for the very first time, would consider him an egocentric, hedonistic sadist of a Sith Lord.

And quite honestly, they wouldn't be far off.

Snare, you see, has very, very little concern for strangers. They're tools and toys to him; things to be used, played with, and discarded. If they're in his way, they're obstacles, challenges at most - if not, well, they could be aids or playthings. Either way, they are not people. And he has no empathy to spare for them, whatsoever.

He really doesn't have much empathy at all, to be fair. Much of what he displays is faked, false, meant to manipulate others in to doing what he wants. And really, at heart, he's lazy; he'd rather manipulate something or someone rather than outright kill them...especially if it nets him more than killing them would. But don't be fooled - Snare enjoys causing others pain and making them wish he had killed him. Games, you see - it's all in the reactions strangers give him.

Mainly because he gets bored otherwise. And a bored Snare can very easily be a dangerous Snare, looking for something to entertain him - be it the screams from pain and suffering, or...well. Let's simply say that he has nothing whatsoever against taking someone aside and pinning them against the wall with an entirely different intent. (We did mention hedonistic, remember.) But either has only so much appear above the other - it's very possible for something Snare found enchanting a moment ago to suddenly turn boring, and for him to turn completely around in mannerism so he can get a different reaction.

Remember: most people aren't people. He doesn't care, nor does he want to. It's a psychosis of a sort - one he is utterly unwilling to care about. Whether he acknowledges it at all is hard to tell, but it's clear that he simply. Doesn't. Care.

However, if you manage to stay alive around Snare for more than a few hours, or if he takes a liking to the sort of entertainment you offer...suddenly, you are people. Or what serves as such in his mind. And when you do become people - Snare won't exactly care or be concerned about your well-being (above you staying alive and in relatively good shape), but he will take care of you. He is fiercely protective of those he consider 'his', and why wouldn't he? They're his toys. His tools. And if he doesn't take care of them, and make sure they stay in one condition...well, with the kind of rough play he's apt to do (by which we mean 'actual duties'), they wouldn't last very long.

But he'll certainly continue playing with them. Teasing them. Manipulating them. It's simply that he'll actually pay attention to their reactions, rather than just treating them as nothing more than sources of amusement - because they don't offer as much amusement if they want to leave, now, do they? So while he's not exactly comfortable playing the 'advisory' or 'comforter' or such roles - he can at least fake them well enough. Or figure out that he needs to get them to someone who /can/ play the role.

In short, though, Snare is a relatively simple person - childlike, even. One who never matured past a certain age, or at least never cared to. But he is a very dangerous child, and a very powerful one - strong in the Force, berserk in combat, bloodthirsty and ever hungry for the next distraction.