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Virron was born to a pair of individuals who were oddities among the Empire, much less the Sith Purebloods - they shied away from the Dark Side of the Force. Sith's father wasn't Force Sensitive at all - it was his Mother that had been raised as true Sith, but even she had grown to despise the teachings. She and her husband desired nothing more than to escape the Empire, escape the Sith, escape the great War that had consumed the Galaxy and could easily do so again - and so they ran, with their young child. Though they did not consider the Republic a safe haven, they ran, and they sought refuge where-ever they could find it to raise their child in peace.

But even at an early age, their child showed signs of oddities. It was clear that he, too, was Sensitive, and would require training to control his powers...but the way his mind worked. The way he thought. There were disabilities there, mental obstacles for which he required help and counseling in order to properly adjust to a peaceful society. They found a doctor, and began taking Virron in for sessions. It seemed as though things were on the proper track.

But nothing is ever simple. Virron's uncle - his father's brother, Ralus - was, unlike his sibling, a Sensitive. Also unlike his sibling, he was devoted to the Sith and the Empire, and the two brothers despised each other like few else. They had cut off all ties, all claims of family or blood, and for all the world knew nothing more of one another since their falling-out - but that was not as true as it seemed. Ralus had learned of his brother's son, had learned that he was Sensitive, and was determined for the boy to become a proper Sith, and not just a waste of the blood. He tracked them down, and decided that there was nothing better to start Virron on his path to the Dark Side than to kill his parents before his eyes.

So he did.

Both parents put up a fight. Virron's father fell first, but his mother drew upon her teachings and used her passion - her love, her devotion, her hope for her child - to power her defense. But she, too, fell, and Virron was left watching from the corner, watching his Uncle approach, his Uncle asking him how he felt-

-and finding, to his surprise, that Virron wasn't angry or scared so much as confused. He understood that this strange man had come in and cut down his parents, but he didn't understand why, and he wasn't done with them yet and they weren't done with him so why did he have to come in and ruin it all? Had Virron done something wrong?

To say that Ralus was confused would be an understatement. He worried, at first, that the boy had no emotions and was therefore useless as a Sith - but he quickly found that the boy could be provoked in to a fit of rage and anger, when his favorite things were threatened because they were all he had left and this man wasn't allowed to take them away, Uncle or not, he'd show you-!

So, deciding that Virron was not useless, Ralus promptly took him under his wing. With such a strange way of viewing the world, he found that his original plan of tormenting the boy would only work so well - Virron understood pain and rage, yes, but he also bounced back from it surprisingly quickly. As though these things simply didn't matter in the long run. So Ralus had to start another route - by spoiling him absolutely rotten, and by encouraging very vice, every Dark thought, and ultimately wrangling a confused young child in to a preteen brat in to a young adult who only barely understood the concept of discipline, but had proved himself to be so strong in the Force that Ralus could no longer control him and had begun to fear.

The boy - who now called himself Snare - had begun looking at him in ways that disturbed Ralus (or perhaps shouldn't, considering they were both Sith), even with him seeing other teachers. Even with him at the training grounds more often than not, because Ralus kept tabs on his progress, and every time their eyes met there was something there that sent unease through the man. But at this point...Snare had caught the attention of one many a handler at the training grounds. And an Overseer at the Korriban academy. He was sent for to properly finish his training, and Ralus was more than pleased to rid his hands of the boy and consider it a job well done.